Save this date: September 27, 2014

What a great turn out we had in 2013! Thank you to all the participants, spectators, and volunteers who made the event such a big success. Please stop back in the coming months for details about the 2014 Finger Lakes Mud Run at Everest Park.

On the Run

On the Run


When choosing your mud run gear, there’s a number of things to consider. There’s also other information below that you should familiarize yourself with before your epic journey begins.


Before getting started, make sure that the mud run outfit or COSTUME you’re considering will not restrict your movements or be uncomfortable. There’s nothing like discovering an unwelcome wedgie at mile one!

Recommended Mud Run Clothing

Given the amount of water (and mud!) you’ll experience on the course and the amount of crawling you’ll do, your clothing choices should include form-fitting, full-length leg wear and a long sleeve shirt.


Tight-fitting, non-leather gloves are recommended for attempting many of the obstacles on the long and short mud run courses. Gloves can be tucked away when you’re running or otherwise not attempting an obstacle.


Long hair should be gathered and either banded or placed under a hat. This will help keep your hair from getting in your eyes when you’re climbing up that cargo net or over that wall of tires.

Mud Run Footwear

Appropriate footwear such as sneakers or boots are required on the course. Cleats, open-top shoes, slippers, formal footwear, or other such styles are not permitted. Participants are not allowed to start and/or continue the Finger Lakes Mud Run without proper footwear. We recommend that all footwear have new laces.


Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, piercings, and other forms of jewelry are not recommended on any of the Finger Lakes Mud Run courses.


Headphones, earphones, earbuds, or any other personal listening devices are not permitted on any of the Finger Lakes Mud Run courses.

Choking Hazards

Choose an outfit or a COSTUME that does not wrap around your neck or otherwise have the potential of snagging, causing you to choke or become stuck.

Costume Litter

Outfits (mainly COSTUMES) that “shed” and therefore create litter at the park will not be permitted on any of the courses. Clothing with offensive language, graphics, or overly excessive exposure is also not permitted.

Personal Items

Backpacks, fanny packs, purses, handbags, man-bags, personal beverage containers, cinder blocks, wooden statues, or other such personal items are not recommended on any of the courses, but are permitted as long as they do not pose the potential of harming mud runners, including their owners. The Finger Lakes Mud Run is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, and/or misplaced items.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Runners tend to be out of breath while they’re running. So when asked by event staff if you need assistance, please provide this simple gesture: Thumbs Up = “I’m OK and don’t need assistance;” Thumbs Down = “I DO need assistance.”

First Aid Bases

There are at least three FIRST AID BASES ALONG THE COURSES from which medical technicians will be dispatched. These trained technicians will work in conjunction with our event staffers to respond to injuries or other emergencies as they arise. Response times may vary (depending on a number of factors); however, despite the remote location of the course, there are no locations that are too remote for technicians to respond to.

Water Stations

There are a number of WATER STATIONS ALONG THE COURSES where participants can get a drink. Participants are encouraged to stop, rest, and GET A DRINK. The key is to keep hydrated. Participants who exit the course in areas that are not near the water stations may forfeit their run and may not be allowed to re-enter the course.


If a participant is not able to successfully complete an obstacle, or simply chooses not to attempt a particular obstacle, the participant is free to bypass it. This is true of most but not all obstacles. These bypasses are marked on each course and are not regarded as forfeiting the run. Participants can continue along the course once the obstacle has been bypassed. Participants are not permitted to attempt or re-attempt an obstacle once it’s been bypassed, or if a staff member directs them away from the obstacle.

Discontinuing the Run

Participants who wish to discontinue their run, choosing to exit the course deliberately, will forfeit their run for the day and are not allowed to re-enter the course. Injured participants are strongly advised and may be required to exit the course for their own safety and the safety of fellow mud runners. Please note that transport vehicles are not required to transport UN-injured participants.